HKPCA is a non-profit making association which was founded in Hong Kong on 2000. Being one of the members of World Electronic Circuits Council (WECC), it helps us to get not only closer connections with overseas printed circuit associations but also better communications. Other WECC members include: CPCA, EPIC, IPC, IPCA, JPCA, KPCA and TPCA. 

Our Mission and Objectives

1. To promote and protect the rights and interests of the printed circuit industry.

2. To represent the industry and present its views to the Government and/or other parties

3. To develop and strengthen internal and external communication, with a view to enhancing cooperation and business opportunities, by means of the following:
§ Organizing technical/business seminars and recreational functions
§ Gathering and distributing relevant information to members
§ Establishing links with overseas counterparts,such as CPCA, JPCA, TPCA, IPC, KPCA, IPCA and EIPC

4. To establish and manage funds for charity purposes.

Services Offer

♦ Publication
- Issue a quarterly Journal that contains market outlook, technical articles, news & activities, members' information.

♦ Website –www.hkpca.org
- Timely update on market news, training programs, recruitment notices, recent activities, technical paper, executive committee details and members'information.

♦ Recreational Activities
- Organize golfing, outing, mahjong competition, dinner party, bowling competition, movie day, etc.

♦ Training and Technology Course
- Conduct monthly training courses to equip PCBengineers with the latest technologies to enhance the advancement to the industry.

♦ Market Information
- Publish market news related to the global PCB industry and conduct market survey annually.

♦ HK China & Overseas Affairs
- Collect and distribute related policies of HKSAR government.

♦ Exhibition and Overseas Connections
- Organize the annual HKPCA Show and participate in WECC members' meeting & exhibitions.

♦ Environmental Protection
- Collect and consolidate environmental issues from members and represent the industry to present its view to related government departments.

♦ Industry Standard
- Participate in IPC’s Asia standards development activities and review technical papers