HKPCA Symposium on Environmental Protection and Safety Production
(Huizhou, 12 July; Free Participation)

In the first round of central environmental inspection, a total of 179,000 cases were transferred to local governments, and 40,000 cases were imposed, with fines amounting 2.46 billion yuan; 2,303 cases were filed for investigation and 2,264 individuals were detained. The second round of central environmental inspection will be launched this year. To help members better cope with the new requirements of environmental protection under the new situation, HKPCA plans to hold environmental symposiums in the Pearl River Delta area where PCB manufacturing sites are located. The second symposium in 2019 is scheduled to be held in Huizhou on July 12.

Main content of the symposium:
● Key points of central environmental inspection in 2019
 《Emission standard of pollutants for electrical industry》、《PCB industry specification conditions》
 Interpretation of the new Environmental Protection Law


HKPCA hopes that through the symposium:
 PCB industry can have a clearer understanding of the changes in national policies;
 Provide more opportunities for business and technology exchanges in the industry;
 Exchange experiences and promote the development of the PCB industry.

Symposium time:
 Friday, July 12, 2019, 14:00~16:30

Symposium address:
 Legend International Hotel, 8th floor Baihe hall
  Nanmen Street West, Danshui, Huiyang, Huizhou

Participation fee:
 Free, non-member limited to 2 people; member limited to 4 people.

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Enclosement: HKPCA Symposium on Environmental Protection and Safety Production

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