Schmoll Asia
Sales Engineer
Schmoll Asia Pacific provide sales, after-sale and technical service in Greater China, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand and Japan for PCB Equipment made by Schmoll Maschinen GmbH in Germany. We support our customers in PCB Drilling & Routing, Fixture Drilling for PCB & BGA sockets, Measuring, Laser Drilling/Cutting as well as in customized automation solutions.
Job Description
· Be familiar with the performance and target customers of our products
· Excavate and develop new and old customers, establish long-term cooperative relationship with customers
· Listen and understand customers' needs and provide customers with quick and high quality response
· Make quotation, contract negotiation and make technical agreement for customers
· Follow up the customer's product use, establish and improve customer files
· Cooperate with other colleges to achieve sales target.
· College degree or above in mechanical, automation, etc. Interested in precision machinery industry.
· 3 years working experience ,interested in to be a technical products sales.Working experience in PCB is preferred.
· Strong sense of responsibility and learning ability
· Good customer service awareness, teamwork spirit, can follow up business independently
· Active, dedicated, willing to work, attention to detail
· Good Spoken & Written English
Contact Person:Tracy Liang
Tel: 0769-22419199
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