Discharge standard of water pollutants for electronics industry


On December 21, 2020, the Ministry of ecology and environment issued the discharge standard of water pollutants for electronics industry(GB 39731-2020), which will be implemented on July 1, 2021.

 This standard specifies the water pollutant discharge control requirements, monitoring requirements, supervision and management requirements of electronic industrial enterprises, production facilities or research lines.

 From July 1, 2021, for new facility of electronic industry, and from January 1, 2024, for existing facility, their water pollutant discharge control shall be implemented in accordance with the provisions of this standard, and will not implement the "Integrated Wastewater Discharge Standard" (GB 8978-1996) and "Emission Standards of pollutants for electroplating" (GB 21900-2008).

 This standard is the basic requirement for the discharge control of water pollutants in the electronics industry. Provincial People's Governments may formulate local pollutant discharge standards for pollutant items not specified in this standard. For the pollutant items specified in this standard, local governments can formulate stricter requirements.

Standard details:http://www.mee.gov.cn/xxgk2018/xxgk/xxgk01/202012/t20201223_814469.html