2019-2020 Hong Kong and South China

PCB Market Survey Report


It is our pleasure to inform you that the 2019-2020 Survey Report was released. Please click on the following links to download:


English version:http://www.hkpca.org/uploadfileMgnt/01_20201231215849.pdf

Chinese version:http://www.hkpca.org/uploadfileMgnt/01_20201231215929.pdf


Like past years, this year’s report aims to provide the industry with information of the printed circuit board market in both Hong Kong and South China. In this regard, HKPCA would like to express our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to the enterprises which had participated in this year’s survey. The information they provided has made this report an important reference for the industry and we hope that all readers can benefit from it.


Please note the circulation of the survey report is restricted to HKPCA’s members only. All content and information of the survey report are proprietary to HKPCA. Republication, redistribution or unauthorized use of any content or information contained in this report is expressly prohibited without HKPCA’s prior written consent.



HKPCA Secretariat