2017 Outing
Two-day tour to Seven-star Crags, Chongxi Tower, Duanyan Cultural Village, Mount Dinghu

To spend the weekend with joy and pleasure, a 2-day tour to Seven-star Crags, Chongxi Tower, Duanyan Culture Village and Mount Dinghu was organized on June 17th-18th, 2017. The trip has attracted more than 40 HKPCA members to participate. 

We set off on coach from Shenzhen Bay Port on the morning of June 17th. Though our journey started with torrential rain, it did not dampen everyone’s boundless enthusiasm. Fortunately, we arrived at the first destination in a clear sky.

The Seven-star Crags, a natural extensive limestone cave complex, consist of crags, lake and caves. The crags are all situated in or around Star Lake. The lake is partitioned into sections divided with small strips of land and walkways. They form an area of outstanding scenic beauty. Numerous sculptures of Buddhish are located around Star Lake. Colourful carps in the lake make a further spectacular view.

A visit to Duanyan Culture Village was in the evening. Duanyan is a precious inkstone in Chinese arts culture. Everyone enjoyed to feel closely to the charm of Chinese traditional culture.

How time flies! Nightfall came while members were still obsessing with exciting discoveries. After hotel check-ins, everyone can’t wait to look forward to gourmet food in the night markets.

The next morning we headed for the National Nature Reserve “Mount Dinghu”, a scenic spot declared by UNESCO as "Man and Natural Biosphere”. Dinghu is also called a natural oxygen bar because of its clear air. Brooks, deep woods, extensive valley and flying waterfalls are all around the Mount Dinghu. Everyone got away from cities and back to nature in Dinghu. Such a beautiful place for relaxation!

Our trip ended in rain. It seems a reluctance to the journey end. However, everyone went home with smile of satisfaction. It is not the end of our journey but the start of our future trips!