The 17th Mahjong Competition

The 17th Mahjong Competition was successfully held on September 30th, 2017 at Regal Terrace, Regal Oriental Hotel. There were totally 34 participants engaged in the event. Results were finalized after two-round exciting matches. The competition was keen but enjoyable. The day serves a good purpose to assemble members and friends. All attendees enjoyed the matches and dinner joyfully and affectionately. All award winners are listed below. Here we would like to express our congratulations to all award winners again. We hope to see you all again next year!

Special thanks to Sponsors:
Special thanks to the following companies for their generous sponsorship and support.

Protek Technology Limited
(Order arranged in the amount of sponsorship)



Award Winners



Mr. Fred Liu Orbotech Asia Ltd.

1st runner-up

Ms. CK Wong


2nd runner-up

Mr. Jason Lee

Santis Substrates Ltd.

3rd runner-up

Mr. Ben Hui

Guang Dong Ellington Electronics Tech Co., Ltd.

The highest points player

Mr. Andrew Jor

Ms. CK Wong

GuangDong Toneset Science & Technology Co., Ltd.


Top Scorer in Preliminary

Consolation prize Ms. Jowie Lai

Santis Substrates Ltd.


The 17th Mahjong Competition