2018 PRC Outing - Two days tour to Zengcheng was held on November 3 and 4. 


A 2-day tour to Whitewater Stockade, Diet Museum and Xianghui Temple was organized during Nov. 3rd-4th, 2018. The trip attracted more than 50 HKPCA members to participate and have fun together.


The first stop was to visit the Whitewater Stockade. This scenic spot has a 9999-level hiking trail with a total length of 6.6 kilometers and more than 19,000 steps. It is known as the "Tiannan First Ladder". We ascended along the boardwalk, strolled through the lush water forest, and enjoyed the beautiful scenery along the way.


There is an idiom "foodstuff is all-important to the people" in china. On the second day, we were glad to visit the Dongguan Diet Museum, which displayed and promoted the traditional food culture. We could experience the different diet characteristics in China and oversea. Then, we went to the Xianghui Temple to pray, which is backed by the beautiful environment of Fairy Ridge. This ridge was named after the aura, where the Wenchang Temple was located in ancient times. It was said that the literati worshiped the gods there on the day of opening examination and could be blessed by the gods. It also circulated other fairy tales about the incense there. At the last stop, we visited the hand-made soybean paste production base in Liaobu town and watched the bean paste making and the soybean drying processes.


The trip was very enjoyable and ended successfully. Let’s look forward to the next exciting journey.